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Two more Baloch abducted, a woman and a child killed by occupying forces in Dera Bugti – Sher Mohammad Bugti

In a recent statement released via e-mail Waja Sher Mohammad Bugti rubbished the claims of pakistani forces and officials about the recovery of Baloch Missing persons and halt to military operations in Balochistan. Following is the complete statement

The arbitrary abductions and extra-judicial killings of innocent Baloch people continue unabated in Balochistan and on one hand Pakistani officials and supreme court of Pakistan claim to be making efforts for recovery of Baloch missing persons and for the halt in the cases of recovery of bullet-riddled dead bodies and on the other hand forces continue to abduct, torture and extra-judicially kill them.

Only today, Pakistani forces raided many houses in Dera Bugti and violated the sanctity of households, harassed women and children and abducted two Balochs namely Afzal Bugti & Shakoor Bugti, the sons of Qasim Perozani Bugti. They were taken to a torture cell where they were victimized of inhuman torture. Their only crime was to record the video evidence of the mutilated dead body of one of their relatives Sabzal Bugti, who was killed by forces in a military offensive in Singseela area of Dera Bugti and his dead body was thrown to become the food of wild animals and the relatives were not allowed to pick up his body for more than a week.

Besides, a child and a woman were killed when they step on a land mine in Ilyasi area of Singseela Dera Bugti. The deceased were identified as 13 year old Haroon s/o Haizhav Paahi Bugti and his mother Mrs. Haizhav. It must be noted that the area always suffer from military offensives of the Pakistani forces and the residents are threatened by the forces to quit the area so they could pave the way of international oil and gas companies for the oil and gas reserves in the area. Drinking water sources like lakes, wells etc are poisoned and land mines are laid all over the area to compel the residents to flee the area. Laying mines, poisoning the drinking water and burning houses are the worst war crimes being committed in Balochistan by Pakistani forces with no attention from the civilized world.

The only aim of the so-called efforts of judiciary and claims of Pakistani officials about the recovery of the Baloch missing persons is to confuse the world about the real facts in Balochistan. We appeal to the international community, human rights organizations, European Union and the civilized nations to take notice of worst wars crimes by Pakistani forces and send fact finding missions to Balochistan to surface the genocide of Baloch people by the occupying state of Pakistan.

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