Afghanistan: Two Bugti Baloch refugees killed by Pakistani secret agencies

Zar Khan and Nehal Khan

Dur Khan Bugti, a Bugti Baloch refugee killed in an ISI-sponsored suicide attack in March 2011. His son Nehal Khan has been killed today

Dur Khan Bugti, a Bugti Baloch refugee killed in an ISI-sponsored suicide attack in March 2011. His son Nehal Khan has been killed today

Spin Boldek, Afghanistan: 
Two Bugti Baloch refugees have been killed in an apparent target killing by the personnel of Pakistani secret agencies in Spin Boldek, Afghanistan.

The deceased have been identified as Nehal Khan s/o Dur Khan Bugti and Zar Khan s/o Gulzar Bugti. The young men died at the spot as a result of firing by unidentified armed persons, apparently hired by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan to target the Baloch refugees in Afghanistan who have taken refugee there after Pakistan Army launched fifth military operation in Balochistan in early 2000s. An estimated 14,000 Baloch had migrated to parts of Afghanistan and currently living there without any help from aid agencies and the local government.

The Bugti Baloch refugees in Afghanistan, particularly in Pakistan-bordering Spin Boldek area, have repeatedly been targeted. In March 2011, a suicide bomber blew himself in near the houses (read huts and shacks) of Bugti refugees where Dur Khan Bugti (father of Nehal Khan) was killed and several including women and children wounded.

Similarly, the house of BRP leader Riaz Gul Bugti in the same area was attack with a hand grenade in July this year. His aged mother and teenage daughter sustained serious injuries in the attack.

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Baloch villages burnt by Pakistani forces during military operation in Naseerabad

Occupied Balochistan: ُPakistani forces have torched several Baloch villages in different areas of Naseerabad during a large-scale military operation earlier today. A large number of armored vehicles of Pakistani forces besieged the area and indiscriminately targeted the civil populace.

More than a hundred houses of Baloch civilians were set on fire by the forces after being emptied of valuables. A press release of Baloch Republican Party provided the details that ” villages of Pir Baksh Bugti, Mughal Bugti, Rehan Bugti and Qasir Bugti, which compromises of hundreds of houses, were completely burnt to ashes by the state forces. The looted assets of the Baloch villagers included three motorcycles, cash and jewelries, stocked grain, livestock and other valuables. In other words, forces took away what they could carry on their military trucks and set fire on the remaining.”

Several Baloch were also abducted by the forces during the offensives. BRP statement explained the arbitrary arrests as ” … the forces also abducted a number of innocent Baloch civilians and took them away to an unknown location. Abducted people were identified as Siddiq Bugti along with his three children; Usman Bugti s/o Joro Bugti and Shah Nawaz Bugti s/o Bhagia Bugti. The exact figure of the abducted people could not be ascertained as the offensives continued. The operation affected Baloch villagers were left under the open sky with no food and shelter.”

Baloch Republican Party has also uploaded a video of the aftermath of military offensive in Naseerabad on it’s Youtube channel. The video shows the ashes of burnt houses and shacks but also explains that those were remains of only a few as their activists could not gain access to the highly affected areas because of the tight siege of the Pakistani forces.

Military offensive in Mohan Put, Dera Bugti. An innocent Baloch killed, woman wounded.

Pakistani forces have reportedly conducted a military offensive in Doda tibba, Mohan Pat and other areas of Sui, Dera Bugti on Tuesday. A number of armored vehicles of Pakistani forces raided the Baloch villages in the area and indiscriminately targeted the populace.

Many houses of the innocent Baloch villagers were set on fire by the forces after being looted of valuables. A Baloch man was reportedly killed during the offensive and several including a woman were wounded. The killed man was identified as Fareed Bugti s/o Sobani Bugti and the wounded woman as Sibr Bibi daughter of Sohrab Bugti.

The spokesman of Baloch Republican Party Waja Sher Mohammad Bugti tweeted: “Both the man and the woman were innocent Baloch villagers who were targeted by Pakistani forces today in Muhan Pat area of Sui, Dera Bugti.” He also said that “Lives of the people wounded in the military offensive on March 27 in Mohan Pat are in extreme danger as the area is under attack again today.”

A similar offensive was conducted by Pakistani forces in New Kahan locality of Quetta yesterday but fortunately no casualty or abduction was reported from there. A local newspaper reported that the forces laid a siege to the area at around 12:00 pm which continued until 4:00 pm.

The paper also reported that a number of innocent Baloch civilians including women and children were injured as the forces opened indiscriminate fire. Pakistani forces looted valuables from houses including four vehicles, six bicycles, around four dozen blankets, stocked grain,  mobile phones, cash, carpets of houses and mosques and other goods.

March 27: the black day brings more death and destruction for Balochistan

PHOTO: @Yaagi_ on Twitter

Today is March 27, the day when Balochistan was illegally and forcefully occupied by Pakistan in 1948. A black day is being observed by the Baloch all over Balochistan to condemn the unjust annexation of their land but today, like the March 27 of 1948, brought death and destruction for the Baloch people. Pro-independence Baloch political parties announced shutter-down strikes and protests rallies to mark the day. The only guilt of the Baloch populace in Dera Bugti, Jaffarabad and Naseerabad was to support those calls for peaceful protests and mark the ‘Black Day’ of their history.

A major military operation was launched by Pakistani forces in rural areas of the aforementioned districts. Hundreds of vehicles of the Pakistani armed forces laid a siege to dozens of villages and started to indiscriminately attack the houses of the poor Baloch villagers. A local told Gulzameen that no village in rural Dera Bugti, Jaffarabad and Naseerabad was left unhurt in the grand operation. Entire villages were burnt to ashes by Pakistani forces after being looted of valuables.

More than a dozen Baloch people were reportedly killed during the offensives. Baloch Republican Party spokesman Mr.Sher Mohammad Bugti later tweeted and posted the details of the operation on his Facebook page. He said: “Pakistani forces have started massive military offensives in different areas of Dera Bugti, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad and adjoining Jacobabad area. Several hundred vehicles of Pakistani forces laid a siege to many villages including Go pat, Muhan Pat, Sanri, Doda dibba and others in all three districts.”

He said that seventeen innocent Baloch villagers including women, children and an infant were killed during the operation and who were identified as “Haleem Bugti, his wife Zadi bibi and daughter Khairah Bibi; Bewaragh Bugti and his seven months old child Jamal; Basheer Bugti; Peesh Bugti; Murad Baksh, his wife and three children; Laddaw s/o Abdullah Bugti and Karghi Bugti, his wife along with their two children”.

He said that the exact figure of casualties could not be ascertained as the offensives continued with full intensity and forces were burning “houses while the people including women, children and elderly were still inside them and were not allowed to evacuate the houses.” Mr.Bugti also reported that at least twenty Baloch families were abducted during the operation including that of Gaja Bugti, Hameed Bugti and Garra Bugti. He raised fears that “the lives of the abducted people is in extreme danger as the forces usually take the abducted to unknown torture cells, inhumanely torture them and later kill them and dump their bodies in desolated places”.

Sher Mohammad Bugti said that the Baloch populace was attacked when they were staging a protest demonstration to condemn the illegal occupation of Balochistan on March 27, 1948. He said that Baloch nation’s disapproval and resistance on Gawadar port’s handover to China and Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline could be “among the reasons of the intensification of military operations, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings of Baloch people by Pakistani forces in Balochistan”. He appealed to the international court of justice, United Nations and Human Rights organizations to play their role to end ongoing genocide of the Baloch people by Pakistan.

Baloch activists also reported an incident of firing by Pakistani forces upon a rally of Baloch Student Organization-Azad and Baloch National Movement in front of ‘Assembly House’ in Quetta. A Baloch activist was reportedly martyred in the indiscriminate firing of the forces while tens of other sustained injuries. The rally was called by the aforementioned pro-independence organizations to mark March 27 ‘Black Day’.

March 27: Thousands rally in Turbat against forced annexation, atrocities in Balochistan

March 26, 2013 1 comment

2013-03-25 BRP rally in TurbatThousands took out a protest rally in Turbat organized by the Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization against the illegal Pakistani occupation in Balochistan, March 17 massacre in Dera Bugti and human rights violations in Balochistan. The participants also included a large number of women and children. The rally was launched from boys and girls colleges Turbat at the same time and later headed toward National Bank square and then to Shaheed Fida square. From there the rally marched to Ata Shad square and passing through different streets of the city returned back to Shaheed Fida square where a sit-in was staged.

Boy and girl activists did wall chalking and distributed pamphlets of BRSO and revolutionary literatures of BNM. The participants chanted slogans in favor of BRSO, BRP, BSO-Azad, BNM, BRA, BLF, BLF, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, Dr. Allah Nazar and other pro-freedom organizations and leaders. The rally participants condemned Pakistani parliament, elections and parliamentarian political parties and politicians.

Addressing the sit-in at Shaheed Fida Square, speakers said votes and elections of Pakistan were state tactics aiming at strengthening illegal occupation on Balochistan. They said that Baloch nation must boycott upcoming Pakistani elections to foil dirty aims of the parliamentarians. Baloch struggle is an established fact, they said, and it is because of tireless struggle of the freedom loving parties and organizations that the world has recognized Baloch movement and Balochistan is getting closer to its freedom by the day.

They said: “State atrocities, detentions, torture, mutilated dead bodies, military operations, bombardments are not going to deter Baloch struggle rather energizing the movement. Forced annexation has failed before the Baloch people’ will to freedom and today every city and village of Balochistan is echoing with the cries of freedom. March 17 Dera Bugti martyrs sent the message of freedom by rendering the sacrifices of their precious lives and the struggle of martyrs & abducted Baloch has made it impossible for the occupying state to hold elections in Balochistan.”

They said that Baloch nation must boycott Pakistani elections to challenge existence of the state in Balochistan and send a message to the occupiers that parliaments and elections could no longer consolidate their illegal occupation over Balochistan. They said that some anti-Baloch elements had joined hands with the state to prolong slavery of the nation but Baloch freedom forces were ready to destroy their ugly dreams.

“Political activists and parties have to show national unity which is equivalent to death for the occupying state. If we do not unite and continue to divide then the occupying state will take advantage of that which will be very dangerous for the Baloch movement.” they said.

All shops and markets were voluntarily closed by the trader community during the process of the rally. The rally peacefully dispersed after the sit-in at Shaheed Fida square. Pakistani forces blocked the entrance and exit roads to Turbat city. Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization accused the forces for not allowing many vehicles of freedom activists coming from different parts of Balochistan to participate in the rally.

United Nations’ silence over Baloch genocide is disturbing – Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti

March 23, 2013 1 comment

Baloch Republican Party chief Nawab Brahumdagh Khan Bugti has expressed concerns over the silence of United Nations and Human Rights organizations regarding ongoing Human Rights violations and Baloch genocide in Balochistan. He termed the Gawadar port’s handover to China; Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and other such projects as continuity of tactics of strengthening illegal occupation over Baloch land. “China should refrain from becoming a player in Baloch genocide” he expressed these views in a meeting of Baloch Republican Party activists from UK and different countries of Europe in Geneva.

Military operations, enforced disappearances of Baloch activists, recovery of mutilated dead bodies and overall situation of Balochistan was discussed in the meeting and important decisions were made regarding organizing BRP and making it more active on international level.

Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti emphasized to foster Baloch national unity and stressed the need to intensify the struggle for independence. He said that it was duty of the enlightened Baloch activists to raise awareness among the Baloch people to convince them to join Baloch freedom struggle and ensure national salvation.

He said that state atrocities continue in Balochistan and handover of Gawadar port and projects for exploitations of natural resources in Dera Bugti to China were part of the ugly design to strengthen illegal occupation of Balochistan. “We have made it clear before China and other countries & companies that they should refrain from dealing with Pakistan regarding Baloch resources because Baloch nation is not bound to respect such deals and agreements” he said adding that foreign countries and companies should not become a crime partner with Pakistan and Iran in Baloch genocide and anti-Baloch policies.

The meeting was held after a protest in front of United Nations in Geneva by Baloch Republican Party activists. Protestors condemn the ongoing military operations, enforced disappearances, kill and dump operations and gross human rights violations perpetrated by Pakistani forces in Balochistan. Activists were carrying placards and banners inscribed with different slogans. Participants said Pakistan occupied the sovereign Baloch state on March 27, 1948 and undermined the freedom of Baloch nation. “The state enslaved the Baloch under colonial system and started the plunder of the natural resources of Balochistan.”

They said that military operations in different parts of Balochistan including Dera Bugti, Kohlu, Mashkay, Awaran, Tump, Punjgor, Mastung, Mungchar continued while the abduction of Baloch activists and dumping of their dead bodies after being tortured in military cells became a daily routine. Protestors said that western military and other aids to Pakistan were being used against the Baloch people and silence of the international media and human rights bodies was a matter of concern for Baloch nation.

Activists appealed to the United Nations to end its prolonged silence over Baloch genocide and to play its due role to end atrocities and injustices against the Baloch people. They demanded an immediate end to all kind of western aid to Pakistan and called for the western world to support Baloch struggle for national freedom.

Protest at the UN against forceful occupation & Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan

A large number of Baloch freedom activists gathered in front of United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland to protest illegal occupation of Balochistan by Pakistani forces on March 27, 1948 and continuous military operations, atrocities and human rights abuses that followed the invasion. The protest was organized by the pro-independence Baloch Republican Party which has recently held a serious of protests in Balochistan, Karachi and different countries of the world to highlight the Baloch freedom movement.

Protestors were carrying pictures of the state victims, placards and banners reading different slogans against the illegal occupation, March 17, 2005 Dera Bugti massacre, military operations, enforced disappearances and custodial killings of Baloch people by Pakistani armed forces and intelligence agencies.

Protestors demanded an end to the ongoing genocide of Baloch people by Pakistan and called for United Nations intervention in Balochistan for the restoration of the Baloch state and an investigation of atrocities, Human Rights abuses and war crimes committed by the Pakistani forces. Top Baloch leader and chief of Baloch Republican Party, Nawab Brahumdagh Khan Bugti was also present at the event.

March Martyrs: Baloch Republican Party organize references to remember victims of Pakistani forces

BRP flagBaloch Republican Party announces to hold references in the remembrance of the martyrs of March on March 17, 2013. Party activists will organize references all over Balochistan and elsewhere to commemorate the innocent Baloch victims of Pakistani barbaric army killed during the month of March in Balochistan. March 17 is one of the deadliest days in Baloch history. Back in 2005, Pakistan army laid a tight siege to the entire town of Dera Bugti on this day. All entrance and exit ways were blockaded and the inhuman forces of Pakistan attacked the civilian populace with its all might and aggression. The aim was to kill prominent Baloch leader Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.

The entire area was heavily bombed by Pakistan army with full support from the air force as jet fighters and helicopter gunships made sure to kill every living thing seen on the ground. 71 innocent Baloch people including 19 children and three women were killed in the gory bombardment of Pakistan army. 270 people including family members of Shaheed-e-Azam Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti were seriously wounded in the military aggression and 60 people were abducted during the grand operation. The whereabouts and fate of the abducted people remain unknown even today after 8 years. Majority of the killed and wounded people belonged to the Hindu Baloch community of Dera Bugti. The entire town of Dera Bugti displayed a view of human destruction as no house in the city could escape the wrath of barbaric Pakistan army and all houses, shops, streets and fields were devastated in the bombardment.

Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, the target of the March 17 bloodshed, fortunately remained safe in the military attack but he had to leave his hometown and take refuge in the mountains where he was killed by the Pakistan army in another deadliest military attack on August 26, 2006. From March 17, 2005 on, no day in Dera Bugti goes without any military offensive. Every day, the villages of poor and innocent Baloch people are attacked, bombed and destroyed & the blood of innocent Baloch people is shed by the Pakistani forces for its dirty designs in the area.

In another offensive, Pakistani forces raided village of Baloch civilians in RD 238 area of Sui on March 30, 2012. The entire village was set on fire and the houses were burnt to ashes after being looted by the forces. Many Baloch civilians were abducted in the incident while an aged Baloch woman of nearly 80 years namely Banuk Sazi Bugti was burnt alive in her house as she could make it out because of the old age. She was among the hundreds of victims of Pakistan army killed in the month of March.

It was also in the month of March when a mass grave was discovered in Dera Bugti in 2011. A Baloch shepherd spotted a grave where five Baloch men were buried. They were identified as BRSO leader Koh Dil Bugti, Ali Bux Bugti, Shah Bux Bugti, Iqbal Mazari, Rahm Dil Bugti & Khetaran Bugti. All men were abducted during a military offensive on December 05, 2010 from Dera Bugti. Another BRP leader Sher Zaman Kurd was also killed by the Pakistani forces on March 14, 2011 in Mach, Balochistan.

The aim of the Pakistan army behind the attacks in Dera Bugti and all over Balochistan was and is to strengthen its illegal occupation on the Baloch land and to loot and plunder the national wealth (i.e. the natural resources) of Baloch people. Pakistan army launch gory military offensives all over Balochistan and especially in Dera Bugti and other resources rich parts of Balochistan to force the local populace to migrate from the area so it can pave the way for Pakistani and international companies for loot and plunder of the natural resources.

The atrocities started a decade ago have seen no break and continue with full speed and gaining more intensity with every passing moment. Pakistani forces are conducting aggressive military operations in every breadth and corner of Balochistan. Pakistani forces raided several houses of Baloch civilians in Garamkahn area of Punjgor. The forces violated the sanctity of the Baloch households and abducted four Baloch from the house of Sufi Rehman Baloch house. All the abducted men belong to same family. Besides, the recoveries of mutilated dead bodies also continue side by side.  The bullet-riddled dead body of abducted Resho Bugti has been recovered from Sibi on Wednesday.

Baloch Republican Party appeals to international community, world powers like united nations and European Union, International media and Human Rights bodies to break their prolonged silence on Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan and send their working group to investigate past and ongoing injustices against Baloch people and military operations, gross human rights violations including continuous enforced disappearance and extra-judicial killings by state forces in Balochistan.

Pakistani forces killed three, abducted several others during military offensive in Balochistan

BRP flagCentral spokesman of pro-independence Baloch Republican Party Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti has said that Pakistani forces have started a massive military offensive in different areas of Dera Bugti and Jaffarabad from earlier this morning. A press release of the party read that dozens of armed vehicles of Pakistani forces carrying well-armed troops laid a siege to several villages of both districts including “Nodhan Shahr” of Dera Bugti and “Goranari” of Jaffarabad. Forces opened intense firing on civilian populace and heavily bombarded the villages.

Dozens of houses of the poor Baloch villagers were destroyed by the bombardment and set on fire by Pakistani forces and many people were severely wounded in the bombardment and firing. At least six people were abducted by the forces including three men belonging to the same family. Chari Bugti and his two sons Addo Bugti and Jabal Khan Bugti, Mol Khan and two identified men were abducted during the offensives.

Addo Bugti and Jabal Khan Bugti were already wounded at time of their abduction and later Pakistani forces killed them and their father in custody. The dead bodies of the three men, Chari Bugti & his two sons, were dumped in desolated places after their cold-blooded murder by Pakistani forces while the whereabouts of other abducted people remain unexposed.

Fears run high for more civilian casualties as the areas remain under complete siege and continuous bombardment of Pakistani forces since the morning and the wounded and other affected people have been denied access to food and medical treatment. Baloch Republican Party strongly appeal to the international community and human rights organizations to immediately take note of Baloch genocide and state atrocities in Balochistan and pressurize the tyrannical state of Pakistan to withdraw its barbaric forces from Balochistan.

Military Operation in Balochistan: Four including a child killed by Pakistani forces in Pirkoh – BRP


In a recent press release, the central spokesman of  pro-independence Baloch Republican Party has said that military operations in Balochistan continue unabated. Pakistani forces are continuously bombarding several civilian populated areas in Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti from past many days.  Today, at least two people from the same family got killed and two other wounded when rocket shells fired by Pakistani forces hit their wooden shacks. The deceased were identified as Buzoo Bugti s/o Sher Khan Bugti and his little daughter while his wife and his daughter-in-law were severely wounded. Dozens of houses have been also destroyed in bombardment. Fears run high about more loss of innocent lives as Pakistani forces endlessly continue their brutal bombardment on Baloch villages in the area.

Besides, two of the thirteen people abducted during military offensive in Pirkoh on Saturday have been found dead. The dead bodies were identified as that of Bahiyan Bugti s/o Arz Mohammad Bugti and Razzu s/o Gul Mohammad Bugti, the dead bodies were riddled with bullets and bore signs of inhuman torture. Their faces were badly mutilated and hardly recognizable. The whereabouts of other people abducted along with them remain unknown & it is feared that they will be killed in the same fashion.

The state always claim that there is no military operation underway in Balochistan while the fact is that it has never seen a break and continues unabated since the very first day. Baloch people have no hope of any good from any institution of the state. The government claims that situation has improved after the imposition of so-called governor rule in Balochistan but the fact is that is just another excuse to continue the genocide of Baloch nation as it is an open secret that Balochistan remain under the rule of Pakistani army and its intelligence agencies.

We strongly appeal to the International Human Rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and others to send their fact-finding missions to Balochistan and investigate the ongoing state brutalities and gross human rights violations perpetrated by the state forces against Baloch people. We request to the champions of Human Rights like United Nations, European Union and other civilized nations of the world to take immediate action against Pakistan on its ongoing brutalities in Balochistan and help the oppressed Baloch people to regain their right to live a free and prosperous life.



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